Dissemination 2.0

This is the abstract for the workshop I am running in the afternoon session of Research Practices 2.0 event on Saturday. The downside is I don’t get to see the sessions @jennifermjones and @mark_carrigan are running at the same time! However, we will each be feeding back in the plenary that follows.

In what ways can I use social media to disseminate my research?
What are the potential benefits and risks involved?

Social media are providing new spaces for disseminating research work, enabling new forms of dialogue and engagement with different audiences, through various formats and media.

In this interactive session, you will be able to discuss and develop ideas about sharing your work online. Drawing on specific examples of social media – such as blogging and content sharing sites – we will explore how they can challenge and support established forms of research dissemination and publication. We will identify potential reasons for not wanting to share work online, and how we might address this by discussing different stages and contexts of PhD study, and core and peripheral research activities.

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  1. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Hi Andy – would like to congratulate you for the exelent iniciative related with the realization of the event on Research Practices on Web 2.0 this Saturday, on Nottingham space University and wish you and the team envolved a very pleasant time – very rich in change of opinions, ideas and future colaborations in exchange projects. All good to you.

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