Retro Tweeting

Whilst browsing Twitter late last night, it suddenly occurred to me that the interface had reverted to it’s old design. A retweet indicated there was a temporary fault, and sure enough this morning everything was back to normal. It’s like when your shiny black digital widescreen TV breaks down, and you dig out the old yellowing, boxy analogue telly from the attic (“I knew it would come in handy.”) Timeframes in the retrograding of  technology are rapid in social media. My experience of this brief flirtation was a mix of slight disorientation, a twinge of nostalgia, and that self-satisfying smugness that comes with the illusion of technological progress.

Image: Moma Propoganda | MaxiMídia


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  1. virginia Yonkers Says:

    I hate to admit it, but my family still has the analogue TV (with a digital converter box attached to it). Can you tell that I also don’t tweet?

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