Social Media @ Jubilee Graduate Centre – Session Two

Last Friday, we continued our series of sessions in social media at the Jubilee Graduate Centre. Nineteen PhD and Early Career Researchers attended and kept us on our toes throughout with interesting comments and questions. The response and feedback was terrific, and I look forward to seeing many of them back for the final session on 17 February. Here’s the presentation for Session Two:

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4 Responses to “Social Media @ Jubilee Graduate Centre – Session Two”

  1. Twitter, Crowdsourcing and Access to Knowledge | Says:

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  2. virginia Yonkers Says:

    What is a tumblog? You had that on slide #5 but no where else. I’ve never heard of it.

  3. Andy Coverdale Says:

    Hi Virginia. You might be more familiar with the spelling tumblelog. Maybe the term is becoming redundant, but it describes a simple blogging programme like Tumblr and Posterous that enables quick and easy short-form, multimedia posting, with a focus on reblogging within a community of users. I use my Tumblr site to collect and archive (non-academic) content, though I know many people find them more than adequate as a main blogging platform. We recommended them in the session as good entry-level tools for new bloggers.

  4. Andy Coverdale Says:

    Further to this, here’s a comparison between Tumblr and Posterous.

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