Student Voice – The Movie

My role as a student intern with the Visual Learning Lab is drawing to a close in the next couple of months. Last year we conducted a series of focus groups in a number of Schools across the University asking undergraduate students about their learning experiences. In an aim to create a visual and innovative dissemination tool, we decided to summarise key findings in the form of a video, which has now been released on the University of Nottingham YouTube channel.

The video has subsequently been central to a number of interactive workshops we have delivered to teaching staff in participating Schools, and a symposium presentation we gave at the SRHE Postgraduate and Newer Researchers Conference in December.

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7 Responses to “Student Voice – The Movie”

  1. virginia Yonkers Says:

    I loved Tom and Helen! Interestingly enough, this sounds like the feedback I get from my students in the States.

  2. husky Says:

    I loved this video, thanks.
    It reminds me of the Michael Wesch videos. (eg ‘a vision of students today’)
    Were you influenced by his style?
    Do you know if he has seen your video?

  3. Andy Coverdale Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. I can’t claim much credit for the video myself – I worked on the data analysis. The guys you see in the video did it all, particularly Terry, who did much of the editing (and the music). A few of the interns are big Wesch fans, so I guess his influence is apparent; though I think the film mixes a nice range of visual styles.

  4. Andy Coverdale Says:

    Here, at a e-learning seminar at the LSRI, student interns Terry and Ellie give their perspective on the ongoing process of the video project.

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  6. Heli Nurmi Says:

    I love this video and I will recommend to the Teacher education where I have been woking last years, thanks!

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