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Student Internships Opportunity

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I’m delighted to be involved in a new initiative with Jubilee Graduate Centre manager Tracy Sissons. We have secured funding for an internships programme, which will focus on the use of social media at doctoral level and explore opportunities for developing sustainable methods of sharing practice.

The programme builds on the workshop sessions I have been conducting in the University of Nottingham with LeRoy Hill. Crucially for me, the aims of the programme have been shaped significantly by the feedback – both formal and informal – that we received from the students and researchers who attended the sessions, and also draws on our own critical reflection of conducting the sessions, and our subsequent presentation and paper for the Future Learningscapes e-Learning Conference. To quote directly from the internships Role Description:

The experience of conducting these sessions indicated emerging and innovative practices in doctoral and post-doctoral scholarship. Yet examples of adoption and use of social media tend to be bottom-up and under-publicised in the wider academic community. Feedback from attendees indicated that opportunities for sharing good practice, in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts, are highly valued.

Essentially, we are looking at developing an online resource and a one-day event with which to showcase social media use and explore creative opportunities for critical and reflective debate. Both will be aimed at PhD students from all disciplines and will be accessible to audiences within and outside of the University of Nottingham.

We are looking to recruit two PhD students for the programme. Having done an internship myself – as a first and second year PhD student with the Visual Leaning Lab – I can appreciate how rewarding they can be, whilst recognising the difficulties in negotiating the extra workload on top of a busy doctoral schedule. Hopefully, by recruiting two interns, they will be able to develop a partnership that is collaborative and supportive.

Full details of the internships are here.