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BBC Release Video Content and Code

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I have embedded this video rush of an interview with Stephen Fry – made as part of the BBC TV series The Virtual Revolution – more for what it represents than for its content. That’s not to say Fry’s typically eloquent defence of the Web is not worth a viewing. But this is, I believe, the first time the BBC have released video content and code in this manner.* This and similar rushes have been released under an international permissive “Share-Alike’ licence (inspired by, but not identical to, the Creative Commons Licence), and form part of an impressive looking Web resource.

Whilst this experimental move is clearly designed to align open-access/code sensibilities with a promotional ecxercise, lets hope it points the way to further commitment in this area.

The video can also be downloaded and comes with a full transcript.

* This service may not be available to users outside the UK.