Visual Learning in HE

A special issue of on visual learning in Higher Education has just been published online, featuring a number of contributions from researchers at the Visual Learning Lab (VLL) in the University of Nottingham. Well worth a look.

It’s the first time I’ve come across this open-access online journal, in which contributors are encouraged to record a short video to introduce their papers (several of my fellow student interns filmed the videos for the VLL). Whilst providing a useful summary of each paper (a sort of visual abstract), the videos offer a more informal and personal engagement with the authors. A nice touch.

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2 Responses to “Visual Learning in HE”

  1. James Mcnaulty Says:

    Thanks Andy :), great approach to submitting and presenting research. I am usually a lot better at presenting using a video recording compared to a live lecture. I am sure the efficacy of the video approach is much higher compared to the traditional paper based approach.
    Keep up the good work !

  2. virginia Yonkers Says:

    I always forget about video presentations, but this semester I allowed my students in a speech presentation class to use a video taped speech as part of their presentation. Basically, they played the video taped portion, then opened it up to questions. I found my students were much more engaged in the process. They also spent more time on preparing the speech as they were able to see what it looked like and refilm/edit it.

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