“…the learning technology community has raided other disciplines’ ‘toolboxes’ without always recognising the values and assumptions from which those tools have been developed.” (22)


Oliver, M., Roberts, G., Beetham, H., Ingraham, B., Dyke, M., & Levy, P. (2007). Knowledge, society and perspectives on learning technology. In G. Conole & M. Oliver (Eds.), Contemporary perspectives in e-learning research. London: Routledge. 21-37.


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  1. virginia Yonkers Says:

    To gain an understanding of why those tools aren’t transferable, I’d look at C. Goodwin (1994) Professional Vision, American Anthopologist, New Series, 96 (3), 606-633. This article explains how the tools are developed and handed down within the professions, thus making it difficult to transfer from one discipline to another (I think I’ve given you this citation before).

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