Thinking some more about curation…

It seems to me that all forms of curation (including online) are fundamentally defined by three characteristics:

What is included (and what is not).

How the content is arranged or presented. How it is ordered or grouped – by taxonomy, chronology or other forms of narrative. Is some content emphasised over others? Is there intentional comparison or juxtaposition between (sets of) content?

Basically, anything in addition to the original content.

In considering these; how much is the subjectivity of the curator(s) and their identity and status (purposely) foregrounded? In addition, what options are there (if any) for viewer / reader agency?


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  1. Maha Says:

    That’s a good summary of what it is. I have been struggling to decide HOW to curate interesting material for various purposes (teaching, research, etc.) and trying to find the right tool. Your post puts things in focus: it reminds me what I care about in each tool. At the moment, your final point is important to me: annotation and the possibilities that both author and reader get a (subjetive) say

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