The world really is getting more colourful…

Crayola Color Chronology 1903-2010

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  1. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Andy, everytime I came to visit our blog, inconsciently I always came first wacthing this image – so powerfull and lovley in it’s simplicity of mixed colours. Of course, I endeded up…finaly, reading your exelent articles – as I admire much so, the way you write and the very interesting subjects you bring on discussion in the blog. But this coloured image, it’s fantastic to lead us on some kind of suspencion of some thoughts and very inspirational to others, envolving truht thoughts. Thank you for this. At the moment, this art experience just let me think in the words of a great Philosopher who said: ” The truht happens in art make it construted”.

    Heidegger, Martin, “A origem da obra de Arte”. Edições 70. 2000. Lisboa.
    Good inspirations and I’ll comment you in the last post. See you, Luisa Miguel

  2. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Hi Andy, still in time to say this: Your last two posts were simply great. Specialy the one about “When everthing feel into parts…” I loved the nature of the issue and the fantastic image choosen.
    I’m the one to have to thank you – for so much I have learned whit you here in your blog. Your posts, are always so diverse and surprising, catched alredy all of our attention on reading, from the first line.
    Another reason, for beeing here today: You’re the one who has knowledge on this area to understand this simple comment – I’m not holding very well the twitter experience. Can’t hold the increasing dynamic of the movements, the avalange of information and the stress of having some people interested. Can anyone, once inside, escape from the dynamic of the growning on relations, contacts and so on? Or if someone tryed to stoped that will lose certainly the space to be there? Just some fears that I had to share whit someone who understands. Thank you for that.
    Nice weekend and good work on your research. Please, don’t… see you

  3. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Hi Andy – thank so much for leting me now about new contacts and useful information on twitter on Disability and Accessability on Web. Really is going to help a lot in my study. Hope you keep doing well in your research and see you soon, Luisa

  4. Andy Coverdale Says:

    Luisa, Sarah Lewthwaite (@slewth on Twitter) is a colleague at the University of Nottingham, and is well worth following as she is just completing her PhD on disability and web 2.0. She blogs at

  5. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Andy – that’s wonderfull. Sure, I’m going to take your advice and I will follow Sarah Lewthwait and visit her blog as well. You now, in the established relation between PLEs, web access and Disability, hasn’t been esay to find documentation about it, specially here in Portugal. So, I’m going to do it and I’ll give you a feed back later. Thank you again for your support. See you Andy.

  6. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Hi Andy, I’m alredy in direct contac whit Sarah Lewthwait. It’s been great follow Sarah’s tweets and blog posts. You’re were very right about it: I have been learning a lot, since then, in many issues under my studys interests. Thank you again for that. Hope you Stay well – and keep whit the good Research work. See you, Luisa

  7. Luisa Miguel Says:

    Hi Andy, it’s so great to back in to your colours space. Strange, I felt the yellow was different…maybe in shape, intensity, but still, I founded the same positive vibration and strong energy from just looking at all this special mix. Hope everthing is good with you, in relation to your work investigation. Unfortunaly, I missed some of your latest posts but during August month, hope to catch your information with more time as I always love to learn so much with you in every new article you write. All good to you, luísa

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